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BEEF Products

Our company’s signature product is our Welsh Dry Aged beef, which is carefully chilled and aged in state-of-the-art chilling rooms to achieve perfection. It is hung on the bone for an absolute minimum of 21 days. All of the beef animals are graded and selected on strict carcass specifications and weight parameters with only the finest Welsh beef being allowed into our product range.

  • Topside (Rolled)
  • Silverside (Rolled)
  • Boneless ‘D’ Rump
  • Sirloin (Short Cut on the Bone)
  • Sirloin (Boned and Rolled)
  • Striploin (Roasting)
  • Striploin (Short Cut Grilling)
  • Fillet (Standard)
  • Rump Fillet (Chateaubriand)
  • Loin Fillet
  • Forerib (on Bone)
  • Forerib (Carvery Cut)
  • Forerib (Boned and Rolled)
  • Forerib (Boneless)
  • Rib Eye Roll
  • Boneless Brisket (Rolled)
  • Chuck Steak (Hand Diced)
  • Premium Hand Diced Steak
  • Boneless Shin
  • Steak and Kidney
  • Steak Mince
  • Mince
  • Beef Portion Control
  • Braising Steaks 115-230g
  • Rump Steaks 115-454g
  • ‘T’ Bone Steaks 400-550g
  • Sirloin Steaks 114-340g
  • Fillet Steaks 114-340g
  • Fillet Tails as specified
  • Rib Steaks (Bone In) 340-450g
  • Rib Eye Steaks 114-340g
  • Braising Steaks 115-230g

The above Steaks are available in Welsh Dry Aged, Prime Beef and Imported Beef. All sizes available. Rare breeds available on request.

PORK Products

Our Prime Pork is specially selected from local Farm Assured stock, and then aged for 4-6 days. All of our pork is guaranteed to a very high standard at every step of the way. We insist on rigorous standards throughout the supply chain and through all stages of pig husbandry that the animal welfare is high. Every aspect of the pork production and the supply process is fully traceable with our pig farm suppliers inspected at least four times a year.

  • Leg
  • Leg (Boned and Rolled)
  • Short Loin
  • Short Loin (Boned and Rolled)
  • Fillet Tenderloin
  • Belly
  • Shoulder (Boneless)
  • Hand Diced Leg Pork
  • Minced Pork
  • Suckling Pig
Pork Portion Control
  • Leg Steaks
  • Escalopes
  • Chops (Rind On)
  • Chops (Trimmed)
  • Loin Steaks
  • Sliced Belly
  • Meaty Ribs
  • Sparerib Chops
  • Loin Steaks
  • Baby Back Ribs (Loin)
  • Stir Fry Strips
  • Rack F/T/C
Rare breed and free range pork is available on request.

LAMB Products

All of our Imported Lamb is sourced from EC Approved suppliers and mainly originates from New Zealand and Australia.

  • Leg Lamb (boneless)
  • Lamb Shanks
  • Loin Chops
  • Lamb Cutlets
  • Lamb Henry (Shoulder)
  • Lamb Neck Fillet
  • Diced Shoulder Lamb
  • Diced Leg Lamb
  • Leg Lamb Steaks (bone in)
  • Minced Lamb
Our Welsh lamb is some of the finest lamb available in the world, succulent, tender and flavoursome. We source our Welsh lamb from local suppliers and family run local hill farms. We run traditional breeds, encourage all of our suppliers to rear their lamb using traditional methods and use local abattoirs. We hang our Welsh lamb for 14 days before it is butchered by one of specialist butchers.
  • Leg of Lamb (on Bone)
  • Leg of Lamb (Carvery)
  • Leg of Lamb (Boned and Rolled)
  • Saddle Lamb
  • Loin Lamb (Boned and Rolled)
  • Best End Lamb(Short)
  • Lamb Rack
  • Shoulder of Lamb (boned and rolled)
  • Lamb Breast
  • Diced Lamb
  • Hand Diced Lamb (Leg)
  • Minced Lamb
Lamb Portion Control
  • Leg of Lamb Steaks (Bone in)
  • Leg of Lamb Steaks (Boneless)
  • Lamb Shanks
  • Lamb Loin Chops (Trimmed)
  • Lamb Noisettes
  • Lamb Cutlets (Trimmed)
  • Lamb Cutlets (French Trimmed)
  • Lamb Valentine Steaks
  • Lamb Cannon (Larder Trim)
  • Lamb Rump (Boneless)
  • Lamb Neck Fillet
  • Mutton Leg (Boneless)
  • Mutton Leg (Diced)

POULTRY Products

Bicks take animal welfare very seriously and none more so than with poultry. We strive hard to ensure all of our poultry suppliers follow a strict code of practice and deliver poultry products that are not only good to eat but that are also responsibly produced.
Fresh Chickens

  • Chicken Doublefront
  • Chicken Legs
  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Chicken Thighs (on Bone)
  • Supremes (Skin On or Off)
  • Chicken Fillets (Skin On or Off)
  • Chicken Inner Fillets
  • Diced Chicken Breast
  • Diced Chicken 50/50
  • Diced Chicken Thigh
  • Chicken Wings
  • Chicken Liver
  • Fresh Turkey
  • Turkey Crown
  • Turkey Butterflies
  • Turkey Escalopes
  • Minced Turkey
  • Turkey Leg (B/less)
  • Ducks Whole
  • Poussin
  • Fresh or Frozen Goose

Smoked Products
  • Whole Smoked Chicken
  • Smoked Chicken Supremes
  • Smoked Duck Breast
  • Smoked Goose Breast

Gressingham Ducks
Gressingham Duck® is bred and reared by hand from farms in Suffolk and Norfolk. The ducks are reared free-to-roam in light airy barns with access to water for bathing as well as natural light, fresh air, fresh bedding of straw every day and continuous feed and fresh water throughout the day. This is best for the health and welfare of the ducklings. We do offer free-range duck upon request as well seasonal supplies of Turkey and Goose.
  • Whole Duckling

  • Duck Breast

  • Duck Legs

  • Skinless Breast Meat as requested

  • Duck Liver as requested

  • Duck Fat as requested

  • Duck Carcasses as requested

Fresh Corn-fed Chicken
  • Whole Chicken
  • Corn-fed Doublefront
  • Corn-fed Supreme
  • Corn-fed Leg
Fresh Guinea Fowls
  • Whole Guinea Fowl
  • Guinea Fowl Fronts
  • Guinea Fowl Supremes
  • Guinea Fowl Legs
  • Quail Head On
  • Oven Ready Quail
  • Oven Ready Quail (Jumbo)
  • Boneless Quail
  • Quail Eggs
English Quail Also Available

Free Range Poultry available on request.


Our prime bacon and gammon products are some of the finest available in the world. Sourced only from EC approved suppliers they have a variety of origins but mainly come from the UK, Denmark and Holland.

Bicks Award Winning Treacle Cured Streaky Bacon: In 2009 the Williams of Flint team developed their award winning Treacle Cured Bacon. Dry cured, choice cuts of streaky bacon are seasoned then further cured in treacle for 28 days. The result is a mouth watering streaky bacon.

  • Gammon (on Bone)
  • Gammon (Boned and Rolled)
  • Gammon (Boneless)
  • Back (Boneless)
  • Ham Shanks
  • Bacon Ribs

Bacon & Gammon Portion Control
  • Bacon Chops
  • Gammon Steaks (Horseshoe)
  • Gammon Steaks (Half Moon)
  • Back Rashers (Rindless)(Catering)
  • Streaky Rashers (Rindless)
  • Smoked Streaky Rashers (Rindless)
  • Dry Cured Bacon (Traditional)
  • Sweetcure Back
  • Sweetcure Streaky


Bicks offer an extensive range of traditional sausages. We can create bespoke sausages and burgers to your own unique recipes, or you can choose from our more traditional range. Either way you’re guaranteed great tasting products made using the finest ingredients, meats and seasoning.

  • Fresh Pork Sausage (8’s)
  • Chipolata
  • Pork Sausagemeat Logs
  • Pigs in Blankets
  • Catering Sausage (4/8/12/16’s)
Specialty Sausage
(Hand linked in natural skins)
  • Cumberland
  • Cumberland Link
  • Lincolnshire Pork
  • Olde English Pork
  • Pork & Chive
  • Pork & Garlic
  • Pork & Herb
  • Pork & Leek
  • Pork & Mustard
  • Pork & Pepper
  • Pork & Tomato
  • Pork, Apple & Black pudding
  • Pork, Sage & Onion
  • Toulouse Sausages
  • Venison & Red Wine Sausages
  • Lamb & Mint Sausages
  • Lamb & Rosemary Sausages
  • Beef & Tomato Sausages
Sausage Curls
  • 6oz Cumberland Curls
  • 10oz Cumberland Curls
  • 12oz Cumberland Curls

BURGER Products

Bicks offer an extensive range of traditional burgers or, using our on-site burger making press and mincing machine enables us to offer bespoke burgers. We work with customers to create your own unique burger recipes.

Prime Beef Burgers:
Local farm-sourced steak mince with a sprinkle of seasoning – that’s it! Available as 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz and 10oz.


Bicks offer an extensive range of traditional burgers or, using our on-site burger making press and mincing machine enables us to offer bespoke burgers. We work with customers to create your own unique burger recipes.

Prime Beef Burgers:
Local farm-sourced steak mince with a sprinkle of seasoning – that’s it! Available as 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz and 10oz.

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